Egyptian Stock Exchange falling below 5700 points .. "EGX70" rises 0.7%

Egyptian stock indexes experienced variation in performance at the end of the trading session on Sunday, initial sessions of the week, and main index dropped "EGX 30", by 0.35%, or 20.25 points, to reach the level of 5695.62 point Mitrdjaa to Madon 5700 points.

The stock index rose small and medium "EGX 70", by 0.66%, or 3.21 points to 492.6 points. The broader index "EGX 100", by 0.66%, or 3.21 points, to reach the level of 492.6 points.

The value of trading on the stock nearly 313.505 million pounds handled 76.37 million shares through more than 20 thousand transactions, while the total value of the market, including primary dealers and transfer market to 803.69 million pounds handled 77.886 million shares through 20.35 thousand transactions. The total market capitalization 386.307 billion pounds compared to 386.44 billion pounds by the end of trading last Thursday, a decline of 133 million pounds.

Tended Egyptians towards buying a net buying 39.386 million pounds after Hakqo purchases worth 770.692 million pounds compared to sales of $ 731.306 million pounds, while foreign investors tended and Aer estimated sales net sell me 26.522 million and 12.863 million pounds pounds, respectively.

Institutions accounted for 68.51% of total trading, and tended the Arabs and foreigners, of whom about sales, while individuals accounted for 31.48%, and tended towards buying them Egyptians.